~ Talk of a Twin Flame ~

I published my first twin flames posts around 2 years ago now, and the response came big. Readers shared their numerous stories, posted interesting comments. Much has been said and discussed about twin flames and that discussion is ongoing. Twin flame thing exists and … Continue reading

~ 10 Top Metaphysical Questions That You Want Answered Without Fluff ~


*When positive thinking, mass ascension and twin flame notorious bliss is also like d’oh… you know :) FAQ Answering: 1. What does seeing repetitive digits like 11:11, 21:21, 10:10 mean? That your energy vibrations are rising… *yawn* right? It also means … Continue reading

~ Path With A Heart, Soul Purpose and Reversed Aging ~


_Important Note: This article is not intended as replacement for traditional medical care, or any treatment you may be undergoing. With any health related concerns, please, always first consult your doctor_ A process of physical aging in our bodies is … Continue reading

~ What Are Starseeds (Star Travellers) ~


Starseeds and Twin Flames, this post is for you. Answering the many related questions for the past half year, I found it’s important to share this piece here with you to help you understand your unordinary nature and mission, which is … Continue reading

~ Twin Flames ~


There has been some noise around those twin flames lately, hasn’t there? ;) Over the past few years our collective karma had accelerated dramatically. More people have been meeting their twin flames or realizing they have had this unusual encounter. … Continue reading